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Vintage Style Pop Culture Posters


Choose The Right Poster Size

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18 x 24" inches

Medium.  The most popular size.

This is a safe choice for someone who is looking to add art to an existing wall gallery or medium blank wall space.  Also a great size if you plan to display more than one poster on the same wall.

Good for...

  • Medium blank wall spaces.
  • A collection of similar-size posters - create a wall gallery!
  • In the kitchen, above your coffee bar.
  • In the bedroom, above a small dresser or nightstand.
  • In the bathroom, above the toilet or next to the sink.
  • Hanging on a door.

24 x 36" inches

Extra Large.  One and done!

This is the best choice for someone who is looking to decorate a large blank wall.  This art print is large enough to make a statement by itself if you don't have any existing wall decor.

Good for...

  • Large blank wall spaces.
  • In the foyer / hallway, above a console table.
  • In the bedroom, above the dresser.
  • Behind a comfy arm chair.
  • In your cozy reading nook.
  • The large wall area above your sofa (see tip below).
  • A row of 3-4 similar-size posters - create a wall gallery!
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11 x 17" inches

Great for existing wall galleries.

This is an excellent size poster to add to an existing wall gallery or small wall space.  The great thing about this size is...the possibilities are endless!

Good for...

  • Small blank wall spaces.
  • In your office cubicle, next to your work desk.
  • Leaning on a picture ledge shelf.
  • Add to an existing wall gallery of photos and/or paintings.
  • Or collect similar-size posters to create a wall gallery!


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